Ahmad Arbey case needs help…Mayor Vy Lyles wants to keep Trump away from Charlotte


I saw recently that Mayor Vy Lyles wants trump to stay away because the  covid  19 virus pandemic in Charlotte may be heading towards its peak and it may not be good to have 50,000 people converge on Charlotte at that time… Also the Ahmad Arbery case is being attacked by the defense team of the two white man that killed him… What will Crump and Merit the attorneys for the family do to circumvent this miscarriage of justice trying to demonize him and justify his murder

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Published by The BJ Murphy Blog

BJ Murphy is a radio personality based out of Charlotte and Chicago. He is a 27 year veteran having been on the air in Chicago, Dallas, Baltimore, Washington, Kansas City, New York, and Charlotte. Mr. Murphy's radio show was syndicated through Superadio in 2005 in several markets.

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