You want to succeed? Then change something!


This episode is a part of our 2022 series on creating our own reality… If you are not succeeding in your life, then you need to change something. And that change will take place when you decide to have enough courage to go against the forces of this world‘s life, that’s been holding you down because you have allowed certain things to happen without a challenge from deep within your own soul… Listen to this episode because it will restore your soul and give you the type of energy and and self motivation to conquer anything that’s in your way… Including your own self

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Published by The BJ Murphy Blog

BJ Murphy is a radio personality based out of Charlotte and Chicago. He is a 27 year veteran having been on the air in Chicago, Dallas, Baltimore, Washington, Kansas City, New York, and Charlotte. Mr. Murphy's radio show was syndicated through Superadio in 2005 in several markets.

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