I’m the last person I have to deal with to be FREE!

Summary I’m the last person I have to deal with in order to be free. I’m giving tips on what has made me into the person that is making me free. Freedom from the judgement of others is our biggest impediment. We have to break ourseleves aloose from that gravitational pull to be medocre. —Continue reading “I’m the last person I have to deal with to be FREE!”


You want to succeed? Then change something!

Summary This episode is a part of our 2022 series on creating our own reality… If you are not succeeding in your life, then you need to change something. And that change will take place when you decide to have enough courage to go against the forces of this world‘s life, that’s been holding youContinue reading “You want to succeed? Then change something!”

Why did 4.5 Million quit their Jobs? Mother-in law taught me family lesson, Watch the weather! Covid is a plague

Summary I am gonna tell you why people are quitting their jobs. My mother in law refused to be away from us during the holidays and she helped me remember what family is. The weather is a weapon that God uses to get our attention, and the Virus is too! — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/bj-murphy9/support

Antonio Brown is my Hero! Is Omicron in your toilet?

Summary Does Antonio Brown need a meantal health evaluation? Heck no! I think we may need one. He is on to something when he defied Tampa Bay Bucs coach Bruce Ariens. I will give you my take on his defiance. Also are we spreading the virus in our stools? — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/bj-murphy9/support

Are you gonna take more Vaccines? Really? Well here’s my take! Please listen.

Summary Are you really gonna keep vaccinating yourself with more doses…now 4 is not enough? People have been vaccinated and still coming down with the virus…oh well you won’t be hospitalized if you are vaccinated…ok yeah right — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/bj-murphy9/support

Kirk Franklin and his son still have issues,Chris Cuomo fired from CNN,Omicron is spreading,Married people are fading

Summary Kirk Franklin is back in the news he and his son are still dealing with their contentious relationship… CNN fired Chris Cuomo for trying to help his brother former governor of New York Andrew Cuomo beat his sexual assault charges… OmiCron is spreading twice as fast as the Delta variant are you going toContinue reading “Kirk Franklin and his son still have issues,Chris Cuomo fired from CNN,Omicron is spreading,Married people are fading”

Inspirational artist Shari releases Holiday classic “Hark”

Summary Shari’s quest for worshiping God began at a young age; because, even before she knew what worship was, the spirit had her heart. As a young girl who enjoyed devotional time at church in Baltimore, Maryland, Shari found not only curiosity, but a hunger for a closeness with God. Shari found freedom in theContinue reading “Inspirational artist Shari releases Holiday classic “Hark””